Toasting the End of Summer

We are in beautiful SoCal right now, enjoying some time with family as the summer wraps up.  Our family summer drink of choice for the past few years has been the “Dark ‘n Stormy:”  Bermuda’s “official” drink, created by the makers of Gosling’s Rum.


The recipe is simple: dark rum (we use Goslings), ginger beer, limes and ice.  It’s a refreshing slice of summer in a glass!  Dark ‘n Stormy Recipe.


Other end-of-summer favorites: my beach kimono/cover-up, straw hats (a must for fair ladies like myself when one’s out in the sun for hours), and this awesome chalkboard design Joshua created for our living room.  Check out my Pintrest page under “Prints” for a sampling of other chalkboard designs- there are some amazing ones out there!



It’s always bittersweet to see the summer go, but why not see it out in style with a tasty cocktail in hand?  Cheers from CA and thanks for stopping by!  Love, Amanda
{source list}
black and white shirt: francesca’s collection
kimono: forever 21
hats: fedora, san diego hat company; floppy straw hat, from brazil
sunglasses: banana republic

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