Apartment Gardening

I love to cook, and what’s better than growing your own herbs to use in tasty dishes?  Store-bought herbs tend to be pricey if you buy them continually, but growing your own not only saves some moolah, but also adds a fun pop of green to your home.


picstitch1. Ikea FINTORP Caddy

2. Ikea FINTORP Hook

3. Ikea FINTORP Rail


We have a few windows in our place that get a fair amount of sunlight to make herb growing feasible.  A balcony or deck would be great, but without that luxury, we’ve done what we can.  We bought this organization set from Ikea and installed it on this small wall by the window in our kitchen.  These pots are petite, but they do have a drainage system built in the bottom.  It’s not as ideal as a pot with bottom holes and accompanying saucer, but obviously we can’t have stuff draining out the bottom along our kitchen wall.  Because that would be cute (and appetizing), right?


I talked with a gardener at our local farmer’s market who recommended some of the heartier herbs for starters.  We’ve had luck with chives, oregano, thyme, lavender, mint and lemon thyme thus far.  We have another grouping of plants on this side table by our living room window.  They also lack proper drainage, but we’ve been able to keep them going so far by being very prudent in how much we water them.  The lavender and thyme have needed just a small amount of water near the base each day, and plenty of sunlight.


I just bought a good-sized basil plant from Trader Joe’s yesterday and have yet to pot it – I’ve not been successful with basil in the past (maybe it was the whole not watering it part….just maybe…) but I’m trying to step up my apartment gardening game and commit to caring for these babies!

A related book that I’ve been eyeing:  Apartment Gardening by Amy Pennington


Super cute neon-dipped pot tutorial: Neon Dipped Teacher Gifts (from Caroline at Hello Bee Blog)


Happy apartment gardening , and have a bright & beautiful Labor Day! Love, Amanda


3 thoughts on “Apartment Gardening

  1. Hi! I love the way you are using the Fintorp pots for an indoor herb garden! I was confused on how you are handling the holes in the bottom, though. Did you seal them? If so, how? Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

    • Thanks Karen! So at least on the ones I have, there is a small (removable) insert in the bottom of the pots with holes in it, providing some degree of drainage, but the pot itself does not have holes in the bottom. I hope that makes sense – maybe they’ve changed the design over the past couple years? I would suggest, though, even with the insert, verrrrrrry cautious watering of these babies. Because there isn’t any actual drainage to the outside of the pot (on mine at least), I had to be very stingy in my watering. I would say the basil and the rosemary held up the best; cilantro I had the most issues with (but apparently this is one of the harder herbs to grow, indoors or out). Hope this helps – cheers!

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